Managerial Accounting 10e, Crosson and Needles

Managerial Accounting 9th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Susan V. Crosson and Belverd E. Needles deliver interactive pedagogy by illustrating accounting principles and real-world examples to encourage critical thinking. This revision is based on an understanding of the nature, culture, and motivations of today's students and on extensive feedback from instructors.

These substantial changes meet the needs of students, who not only face a business world increasingly complicated by ethical issues, globalization, and technology but also have more demands on their time. To help them meet these challenges, this textbook shows student how accounting information is used to make business decisions. Proven Presentation: Students learn from a trusted approach built on proper accounting principles and technical detail to ensure mastery of core accounting concepts.

Relevant Coverage: Chapter-opening Decision Points have been enhanced to expose students to the changing accounting environment. Critical-Thinking Tools: New Stop & Think features help students develop the judgment skills they need in the modern business world. This text demonstrates accounting in motion!

Extra care has been taken clarify the topics with which students struggle most by using simple language; setting equations, formulas, and steps apart for easier student reference; and revising exhibits. In addition, wherever possible, detailed information has been made more concise by shortening paragraphs and breaking sentences into bulleted lists.

This text evolves to meet the needs of today's learner. This edition's new structure is based on research about how to deliver content to students and how to mirror the way instructors have told us they teach! This textbook also offers examples from highly recognizable public companies, such as CVS Caremark and Southwest Airlines, to relate basic accounting concepts and techniques to the real world.

Every learning objective within each chapter has an "Apply It!" feature that illustrates and solves a short exercise. This helps students apply their knowledge in a step-by-step manner. Focus on Business Practice features have been added or updated to reflect what is going on in the real world. Study Notes appear in the margins of the textbook and alert students to common misunderstandings of concepts and techniques.

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