Accounting Information Systems: A Practitioner Emphasis

Accounting Information Systems: A Practitioner Emphasis 7th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Cynthia D. Heagy and Constance M. Lehmann provide the needs of a primary course in accounting information techniques at both the undergraduate or graduate level. It could also be used as a overview text in second or subsequent courses on this area.

A primary objective in writing the seventh version of the text was to present AIS material that will make college students more marketable in at present's accounting environment. Recognizing that over ninety percent of accounting methods are licensed reasonably than internally custom developed and that the current market demand is for accounting graduates who can install, operate, and audit such techniques, this text represents a new paradigm.

In distinction to traditional accounting systems textbooks that assume a company will develop its own accounting system and, therefore, emphasize methods growth, this textbook gives students the theoretical foundation and expertise they might want to conduct a requirements analysis, seek for a industrial resolution, and efficiently implement the software package deal selected. Along with learning the essential AIS ideas, you will see a lot discussion and plenty of examples of economic accounting systems software as it is designed and accurately designed.

One other objective in scripting this edition was to make the material pupil friendly. Due to this fact, the authors took nice care in directing their words to the students. Recognizing that this is their first introduction to accounting programs, clear definitions of phrases were included and numerous examples and illustrations were included to elucidate the material.

The book consists of fifteen chapters. The first fourteen chapters provide the theoretical and practical foundation for the ultimate chapter on deciding on and implementing AIS software. The educational expertise might be optimized if all fifteen chapters are covered.

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